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Are you looking to buy a property but have no idea where to start? Well, you have come to the right place. Not only will Stephen Kraus and his Baltimore team guide you on the buying process, but we also have a variety of properties for you to choose from. At Baltimore Realty Team, you can find everything from single-family units to multi-family dwellings.  Besides variety, you will love the fact that our properties are very competitively priced. This has a lot to do with our business model.  We are specialized in distressed properties and renovating run-down ones for sale to our clients. Since we get them much lower than the market price, we can pass the cost benefits to our customers without eating into our profit margins.  We also customize homes to meet our customer needs at very affordable rates. Besides selling homes, has a huge portfolio of rental properties. We rent everything from single-family units to gulf-front properties for those looking for rental vacation homes. Those renting from us can attest to the friendly nature of our staff. We also have a standby team of maintenance experts in case anything breaks down and needs repair in a rental property. Try us today, for stress-free property acquisition or renting. 

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